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Does your office let your employees be productive?

A company’s employees are the primary factor for driving its ROI. Therefore, any changes in the ROI are subjected to the employee productivity and the changes in it. There is no doubt that the employee productivity affects the ROI directly. However, the factors driving the employee productivity itself need to be considered. So when are the employees at their efficient best? Employees work best when they feel secured and satisfied at their workplace. But there is another factor that is often overlooked when it comes to measuring the employee productivity and the factors affecting it, Engineering psychology is an extremely crucial part of employee production. Therefore, let’s understand Engineering psychology from its very core.  

Engineering Psychology is the science of making technology accessible for all users. As a science, the field of engineering psychology focuses on understanding the capabilities and limitations of human performance from the perspective of perception, cognition, and movement control. Engineering psychology is interrelated with Ergonomics, which is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The pedal bin in the kitchen is the classic example of engineering psychology and ergonomics. It understands the needs of the human factor and lowers effort required for its function. Now why is all this important for your business? Let us consider a scenario wherein your employees come in to work and commence their routine-

Employee A is fully motivated to give his 100% today. Employee B is having a difficult day and his motivation is at 50% today. Employee A is functioning while his chair seems off balance today. The chair is only slightly off balance and it does not affect him majorly.  Employee B has an extremely bright screen which he is not comfortable with.  Employee A continues to work although, the chair annoys him at the back of his mind. Employee B is visibly frustrated with his screen. Every now and then, Employee A’s attention is diverted to the chair and Employee B needs to take frequent breaks due to the screen brightness. Although Employee A was willing to give his 100%, he is only able to perform at 80% productivity and Employee B who is already under motivated finds it difficult to perform at even 30% productivity.

These seemingly small issues affect the productivity of your employees and diminish you ROI. For this reason, it is crucial that you maintain an office environment that is conducive to productivity. Ensure all the furniture is functional and comfortable, enhance the quality of system you use, Occupy a larger space to provide the employees with more area. Most importantly, ensure an ergonomically efficient workplace. All of this can be achieved through a little research into engineering psychology or if it is too complex, you can always hire expert services. Do not let your resources under-function for reasons which can be fixed easily.  Methods to reduce fatigue and boredom by different methods greatly help to increase productivity. Engineering Psychology tries to solve these problems by making changes in the type of work, hours of work, rest pauses in order to increase the efficiency of the workers. For workers to have a high morale, high motivation and, fewer accidents, the management must take action before it is too late.

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