Academic writing sample

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Media Censorship Today, media is an absolute requirement in everyday lives. Even the lives which are not directly touched by the presence of media, are greatly affected by it. In this paper, I intend to bring to attention the effect of media and the implications and consequences of censorship on the same. I will be […]

Technical Writing Sample

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How Analytics can help Freight Railroads The Railways have come a long way from coal engines and paper plans. They have been adapting at a phenomenal rate. When it comes to Freight Railroads, the mechanisms are a bit more complex and tedious as compared to passenger railroads. With passenger railways, the passengers can be grouped […]

Article sample

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Does your office let your employees be productive? A company‚Äôs employees are the primary factor for driving its ROI. Therefore, any changes in the ROI are subjected to the employee productivity and the changes in it. There is no doubt that the employee productivity affects the ROI directly. However, the factors driving the employee productivity […]